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Lynn Davis Annual Golf Tournament

The annual golf tournament is the largest fundraiser we have and brings in the much needed funds to keep the facility running and fees as low as possible. With a little bit of effort from a lot of people we can make this year’s the best one yet.

It is as simple as brining the donation/sponsorship letter to your work or someone you know, we will happily accept anything they are willing to give.

We are back for another year of the Lynn Davies golf tournament and bringing with it a great incentive to get registered early! If you register early you will be entered into our monthly draw for a $50 concession voucher at the Druids!

Anyone who registers will be entered in a draw for two tickets to see

HEART AND BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE  featuring Randy Bachman. November 29th at Rogers Place.

You do not need to know how to golf to participate. Find a friend that has played before, borrow some clubs and have an amazing day hanging with your pals on the beautiful greens of fort-in-view golf course.

$125 (per golfer) dollars gets you a golf cart rental for your team of 4, 18 holes of golf, a banquet dinner, a chance at tons of great prizes and an easy way to support the facilities crew that run our rugby club.

If you have any questions about sponsorships, donations, or registrations feel free to reach out to reach out to one of facility manager Jack at -


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