Rugby sevens is a stripped-down version of rugby union with just 7 players on each team playing on a full sized pitch.

There are four backs, three forwards and each team can have up to five replacements. With fewer bodies and extra space on the pitch, games are fast-paced, full of breakaway sprints and exciting tries.

There are two nail biting seven-minute halves and a quick one minute half-time break for players to catch their breath.

Scoring is the same as the 15-man game: five points for a try, two for a conversion and three for a penalty kick or drop goal. All conversions must be taken within 40 seconds and must be taken as a drop goal rather than a place kick. The scoring team kicks off to the opposition.

There are fewer rucks, scrums and lineouts in the sevens game. It's a fun game!

It's fast paced!

Full of skillful and agility!

Electrifying entertainment for all fans!

Rugby Sevens is an Olympic Sport and the Druids are commited to working with those inspiring rugby players to reach their olympic goals...

Come play with us,  we need you!

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