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In the fall of 1959, Welshman Chris Battin boldly stated at a party that he would form a rugby team that could beat any other in the province of Alberta. Battin followed through, and founded his own rugby club, which was named The Druids by Brian Jones, the club’s first captain.

Though the club’s early years saw limited results, success came quickly for The Druids, beginning with three consecutive rugby championship titles in both Edmonton and Alberta from 1966 to 1968. This taste of success would create a fire inside the club, which would spur them on to win numerous titles at both the city and provincial level over the years and inspired the team to travel around the world to continually test themselves against international competition.

The Druids originally fielded only a senior men’s program. The Druids Rugby Club expanded into a junior boys program in the 1980’s as well as a junior girl’s and senior women’s program in the 1990’s. The 90’s also saw the merger of the Edmonton Druids Rugby Football Club and the Strathcona Outlaws Rugby Football Club, a move which saw the acquisition of a first class rugby facility.

In 2020, the club celebrated its 60th anniversary as a mainstay in the Edmonton and Strathcona rugby communities.

  • The Druids crest, designed by Lynn Davies, is a Canadian Maple Leaf with a Welsh Dragon embedded in the centre. The crest merges both the Canadian and Welsh cultures involved in the formation of the Druids Rugby Club.

  • In 1975 the club established its Druid Security group which went on to provide services to hundreds of events a year including major concerts at Commonwealth Stadium and Rexall Place, as well as the Canadian Football League’s Grey Cup, the Canadian Music Awards, and thousands of other events.

  • In addition to the hundreds of High School and club games played at Lynn Davies Rugby Park, the facility has been used for incredible events such as the University Rugby Championships, Western Canada Games. It has even been used as a training facility for national teams including, Canada, USA, France and England.

  • In July 2010 the club celebrated their 50th anniversary and renamed the grounds the Lynn Davies Rugby Park in appreciation of the work Davies had done in the acquisition and maintenance of the park itself.

  • Club founder Chris Battin once placed a brick in the International section of Wales’ Principality Stadium, previously known as Millennium stadium, in recognition of the camaraderie between the Druids and his father Tom Battin, who was also the clubs 1st trainer. A duplicate of the brick is now presented each year to the clubs female captain and the Camaraderie Mug is presented each year to the male club captain.


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