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Strathcona Druids Junior Rugby Program Overview

At the Strathcona Druids Rugby Football Club, our Junior Rugby Program aims to create a fun and safe environment where boys and girls can learn the fundamental skills of rugby. Whether your child is new to the sport or already has some experience, we provide an exciting platform for them to develop as rugby players while enhancing their overall athletic abilities.

Our Goals

  1. Fast-Flowing and Exciting Rugby: We want to offer boys and girls the opportunity to play an exhilarating brand of rugby. Our focus is on fast-paced, dynamic gameplay that keeps young athletes engaged and excited.

  2. Safety First: Safety is paramount. We ensure that our training sessions and games are conducted in a secure environment, emphasizing proper techniques and injury prevention.

  3. Skill Development: Our dedicated and qualified coaches work with players in each age division. We teach core rugby skills while promoting teamwork, respect, and sportsmanship.

Benefits of Rugby

  • Inclusive: Rugby accommodates players of all sizes and shapes. There’s a role for everyone on the field, whether they’re tall, short, fast, or strong.

  • Fitness: Rugby provides an excellent workout. Running, tackling, passing, and scrummaging contribute to overall fitness.

  • Friendships: Players build lasting friendships with teammates, sharing the camaraderie that comes from playing a team sport.

  • Life Skills: Rugby teaches discipline, commitment, and integrity. These values extend beyond the pitch and into everyday life.

Player Equipment Requirements

  • Club Shorts and Socks: Each player needs to purchase club shorts and socks from our store.

  • Game Day Jerseys: Druids Rugby provides game day jerseys for each team. These jerseys are returned to the club after matches.

  • Mouth Guards: All players must wear mouth guards during practices and games. No mouth guard, no play.

  • Cleated Footwear: For grass fields, players should have cleated footwear (soccer cleats work well).

Communication and Schedules

  • We use Team Snap for all teams. Team managers and coaches communicate directly through this platform to keep everyone informed.

  • Detailed schedules and practice times for each team are posted on our Youth Rugby page.

Join Us!

We look forward to having you join our club this season! Visit your team’s page for more information, including details about coaches and upcoming events.

For additional details or inquiries about the Strathcona Druids Junior Rugby Program, please feel free to contact our Junior Director, Brent Gallagher, at or call 780-970-1145

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