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Our Men's program is one of the select teams in the city that competes in the Alberta Cup, 2nd
division and 3rd division leagues. Making our club one of the most well rounded programs in
Alberta. We also take great pride in our junior programs that have consistently produced many
provincial and national level athletes, which is the very building blocks we use for our men's
program. Always striving for excellence from all our athletes which continues to show at the
highest levels in our region and national level.

Our club has always worked to have one of the strongest rugby communities around, with our
social activities and events throughout the season. Hosting everything from Lynn Davies
high school tournament, to big celebrations to promote the club and having plenty of fun during
any games that are played at the fields. Supporting the entire club as a whole has been our
mission since we started in 1960.

With the success we saw in 2019, winning the AC city championship and placing second
overall in the province we hope to bring this success into all divisions in the coming seasons.
To do so we need your help ,like most of our players you probably grew up playing many other
sports and nothing has stuck with you. I'm telling you right now that rugby is it, it allows you as
an athlete to showcase all your abilities and there is always a spot for any level or style of
player on the Pitch.

Want to give it a try? please contact our VP of men's rugby Sean Donovan @ or look us up on Facebook , Instagram, Twitter

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