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Saturday is Still a Rugby Day #2

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Saturday Is Still A Rugby Day: Episode 2


In this episode, Dennis is joined by the Giffen triplets who help demonstrate some slick rugby skills, and send everyone at the club their best wishes and enjoyment of refreshments as part of L'il Druids explaining Rugby.

A conversation takes place with new club coach for the men's senior side, and Canadian international Gordon McRorie. Gord is asked about everything from making his way to play for Canada, what it is like staring down the haka before a game, and....Tiger King?

As part of the "Celebrating 60" interviews, Eric Germain joins the show to talk about his time with the club dating back to 1976, right up until today with his mates on the Antediluvians. Spoiler alert: Eric got into Rugby on a dare! Eric, always the showman, finishes his interview with a harmonica rendition.

Lastly, as part of The Debate, Dennis discusses his thoughts around which nation he thinks will be the 5th to be crowned champions for the Rugby World Cup on the men's side. Who do you think this will be?

Full episode below:


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